“Since the beginning, black and white has always represented the duality and polarity of reality,”

With family origins from NY and Puerto Rico, Ruben del Cabrera (Rube for short) is an illustrator who completes large scale murals drawing inspiration from the numerous cities he’s lived and performed in.

RubeZilla has been a partner to and creative force for dialed in… since its inception and we’re proud to share this, our first apparel collaboration, with him.


There’s always someone watching

Since 2017, RubeZilla has suffused the city of Denver and beyond with artistic works and immersive experiences. Between fashion collaborations and cannabis tours, Rube is making a name for himself in the street art scene and across the country with his absorbing illustrative style. Working with Hightimes, Timbuk2, Red Bull and others, Rube has found success in commercial collaboration.

He finds integrity, consistency and commitment paramount while working with big brands and local businesses alike. His portfolio touts many collaborations within the cannabis industry, one with stigmas that he aims to help overcome through positive advocacy and art with new perspectives.


Proposed Perception 2022